Friday, September 23, 2016

the 'incredible ' performance of mine still running...

The announcement
Tea on the balcony
I am inviting you to create a unique performance while drinking tea on the balcony at porto rafti. Shots from your action will be streamed live on various media or wherever you wish. The reversing of the role of the spectator is based on the following concept: (already shared among many people luckily, who are also possibly more 'political correct ', since I can be quite controversial at times, also by people much younger than me ) The spectators are no longer viewed as mere consumers and, if so, critics of aesthetic products but are invited to be creators and performers themselves. After this proposal to the 'others', (not spectators anymore), what will be next? is it that they will rise and demonstrate against all these attempts of innovation screaming: 'we don't need no cultivation, boom, bouroum, boom, bouroum.... ' For the time being: every Wednesday and Sunday at three, early afternoon.. all through September and we will see then. directions :on facebook: Athina Chatzigiannaki, also at website:. /my news, or on the phone: 6938373881 (16. 00-18. 00). ticket price: a little bit of something edible for the next tea afternoon duration of performance:75'.

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