Sunday, September 18, 2016

18/9/'16- second performance day -tea on the balcony

hello, and guess what?
After experiencing the second day of the performance 'tea on the balcony', there are more thoughts coming to me, especially since no people have showed up yet to turn this" pondering upon', into an enjoyable party time which usually happens when people gather on occasions like this. (which might be ok too, but... ).
The point is : where does an invitation like this stand politically?
It is easy to condemn quickly a move of this kind as apolitical. But if we think as people living in Greece, even Athens, and not in the middle of Germany or England on a rainy day, it is most likely that one will find oneself easily in front of the lovely sea with a cup of tea or coffee in hand on a sunny day.
He or she may be experiencing severe financial problems, but most likely will be facing them in the above described manner. So, that's where we start, in my opinion. (even people that cannot afford two euros to go and two to return from the place where the balcony is situated can always engage with a friend with a car or motorbike  to include them in the ride on a Sunday afternoon, providing they are willing to combat their negativity overall).
more as it comes....

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