Wednesday, September 28, 2016

28/9-tea on the balcony -resolution

28/9-fifth day and last day of project 'tea on the balcony'. Since I discovered the tea in the street I 've been wondering what was unique about the tea on the balcony that couldn't be replaced with a cup of tea elsewhere. I thought it is the view that counts, and in particular the view of the sea. So I had to think about that. To begin with I need to recover from the shock once we started hearing that in the sea and especially in the stretch of sea between Lesvos island and Turkey which I know so well, (since it happens to be my land of origin), people were dying and still are drowning on their effort to enter my country Greece endangering their lives in little boats which they have to sink once they reach the Greek territory so they can be 'rescued' as refugees. I need to reclaim the sea as a lovely thing. I need time and time again watching the sea over and over until I calm down and feel better. I understand that refugees are very troubled but I am a human being too..., through which you will go to my youtubelink to see the closing video, make sure you watch all the playlist labeled ' tea on the balcony',
 thank you for following this project.

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