Monday, October 31, 2016

fan takes over staģe at green day concert with Billie Joe Armstrong

three interactive projects

The passage, 1996
1.setting it up

3.details and information on pages 14,15,16 in the pdf document titled: details and photos of main events on cv
4.some architectural drawings and sketches as well as designs showing hor the sculpture would fit in a real constructed space.
if you cant see the scans of the drawings in this message, Iwill have to send them to you separately. and performances held while exhibiting the piece and more

6.people painting inside and outside of it with washable paints at a later event

The semitransparency of the passage stands for the veil of consciousness, to see and to be seen, but yet somehow obscure, learning how to communicate.

sound plarform,2006
In the following pdf you may see characteristics of the ‘sound platform’.
Pages :18,19,20.

You may also get an idea of how the sound platform operates watching this video,

the visitor has to shake the rolling floor with his feet so that the metal elements start vibrating meeting together producing a metallic symphony.(which varies everytime).

a moment in space,2015

The photos are from a first presentation and experimentation on the interactive character of the event. This took place for two days in an empty office, at panepistimiou str at the number 59, ,on the fifth floor of megaro fix At the one link ( one sees all the action involved with the installation, and at the second link ( is the summary of a performance based on the same idea with the installation 

the spectator sits on a tiny chair like a ckild , watching the shinny plegma of ribbons above , then listens to the sound  collage made out of echoes of the same world(cries, laughter, screams and sighs).(another aspect)).
(sound collage not included in the videos).

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

debate over paperwear

I will try to support the idea of paper wear. 1. Someone would be given the opportunity to find oneself naked in the middle of anywhere if something went wrong with his or her paper cloths. That presents a challenge. from my point of view 2. we would enter a new era in clothing. Enough of the stretchy and comfortable outfits and welcome the posture attitude. One would have to be extra cautious if you wanted to return home in one piece. ( clothwise). 3. lovers would enjoy the expression of their passion by tearing off each other's cloths, since that wouldn't be such a big deal. (I ll b uy you another magazine darling to make your tomorrow's dress ). 4. housewives wouldn't have messy cloths thrown on the floor, just paper, which sounds more innocent and accepting as positioned there. Some papers on the floor, eh, who cares!.. 5. ok, and now my strongest argument: if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation and there is no toilet paper around,.... you know what to do! A piece of cloth less won't hurt, besides will make you a lot sexier,!? --.. no? ok, Ok, I''ve gone too far. 6. with the cost of a magazine and a newspaper (less than ten euros), you would get fully dressed and also refreshed! So, I am conveinced!! I will try it.... ""? -£₩%}÷₩÷¤÷♡£×☆€ sorry, I m just gaming.

Friday, October 14, 2016

patience training

These series of paintings were inspired by the struggle I had to go through in and out of public service offices(where I was sent by mistake or not, since even the employees themselves didn't know exactly where I needed to go for the paperwork acquired), in order to shut down a company in my name, along with a serious amount of money I had to pay to the tax office in the end.

 1. courts
(mixed media on canvas, 125X90cm).

2. appeal court
(mixed media on canvas, 205X60cm).

3. city(county) court
(mixed media on canvas, 120X165cm)

4. service of legal representatives
(mixed media on canvas,165X90cm).

5. social service
(mized media on canvas, 60X165cm).

6. tax office.
(collage and paint, 185X90cm).


now going wearable..;!!

this worķ is based on creating the material for the .'fabric' used to make cloths. this material is a papercollage(with the possibility to transfer it into printed fabric),made of wish lists(items, places, excursions, dreams come true, desires waiting to be fullfilled), coĺected from magazines and newspapers., disposable printed ads and combined with the money flow involved in the process, presented as copies of money notes in various sizes. The frenzy is accompanied by extravagant fashion designs as appropriate. (see formal dress and hat).
. Further in this "material' one fiinds as well political issues and human rights themes (which are also met in fashion magazines) intertwined again with copies of money notes. (see lovely stole for chilly

). more photos...




details of the material involved